Sevilla K.

"I must say a huge thank you to Amanda Dinte, seriously I haven't been to a better nutritionist (and I think I've seen them all in the Eastern Suburbs!) As a health professional myself, I can tell she knows her stuff. She has empowered me with the right tools to make healthy choices in a simple, easy and sustainable way so that I can maintain my "goal/s" for life. So a big thank you for keeping me on the right track"

"I wanted to share with you all about my journey with Amanda Dinte. Before I started seeing her, I was taking a good handful of pills in the morning for my anxiety, stomach ulcer, allergies, immune boosters, multivitamins and so on. My grandmother passed away from kidney failure over 15 years ago and my goal was to not have to take so much medication. I am so extremely happy and proud to share that now, thanks to Amanda, I am only having to take my anxiety medication!!!! And I am confident that one day I'll be able to stop taking that one too.

Words can not express how life transforming this journey has been for me. And I really have only scratched the surface. I can only imagine how healthy I'll be mind, body and soul next year"

Natalie R.

Catherine T.

"I had a consult with Amanda last week and have subsequently booked in future consultations with her. She is very knowledgeable, a great listener and amazing at putting plans into action"

Samantha S.

"Amanda has helped me so much! Since leaving high school and not having that meal structure in my day anymore, I felt totally lost with what to eat and at what times. Amanda helped me to understand what foods were best for my body and how to incorporate my eating into my new lifestyle. Highly recommend!"

"I am so happy that I saw Amanda on a weekly basis during my 21 day challenge. She really put me on the right path with my food. I was always on fad diets and never thought I would be able to lose the weight I did and it was all with Amanda's help and guidance. She set me up to succeed and has given me options I have to use for life. I recommend that everyone who does the 21 day challenge see Amanda once a week for the 3 weeks. She has been an amazing part of my success. Thank you"

Piera I.


Hannah S.

"Since having my baby I have been utterly exhausted. I had been struggling to lose my last 10kg of baby weight but at the same time, couldn't stop eating foods that I knew weren't right for me. Amanda helped me to understand what I should be eating and showed me how I could incorporate this all into my life with minimal effort. Having our consult in my kitchen made a world of difference as she was able to show me how to implement changes right then and there. Her down-to-earth attitude is so refreshing!"

Kimberley R.

"I came to Amanda having tried everything! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and nothing has ever stuck! Rather than just giving me a meal plan and telling me what to eat, Amanda educated me on why she wanted me to eat in a certain way. This made so much sense!!! All of a sudden, I am loving eating healthily and I can see exactly how it is benefiting me - both physically and mentally. This has 100% become a new way of life for me"