Clinical Nutrition

Initial Consultation

60 Minutes

An initial consultation is all about gaining a thorough understanding of your current health status so that you can reach your goals in a holistic manner. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your body systems, as well as your daily diet and lifestyle habits so that I can create a personalised, sustainable treatment plan that can be easily integrated into your life!

Available In-Person or via Skype / Phone Call

follow up consult

Follow Up Consultation

30 Minutes

Follow up consultations allow us to put your plan into practice! You will receive constant support in implementing the positive changes prescribed in your treatment plan,  as well as regular check-ins where we will monitor your progress and adjust your plan accordingly. Follow up consultations are vital in keeping you on track, ensuring that you reach your ultimate goals

Available In-Person or via Skype / Phone Call

What They're Saying...

"Amanda has helped me so much! Since leaving high school and not having that meal structure in my day anymore, I felt totally lost with what to eat and at what times. Amanda helped me to understand what foods were best for my body and how to incorporate my eating into my new lifestyle. Highly recommend!" - Samantha S.