A 'Kitchen Cleanse' Home Visit

A Kitchen Cleanse

90 Minutes

This is the ultimate personalised nutritionist experience, right in your own kitchen! During a 'Kitchen Cleanse' you will experience a total health-revolution. Amanda will assess and help you to improve on the food products and brands you’re consuming, how you’re preparing your meals, the resources you have access to and any factors within your home environment that may be compromising your health goals. This service is particularly popular among those who are time-poor, lack interest in cooking or feel overwhelmed by the thought of changing their current lifestyle. It is a completely hands-on experience showing you how you can enhance your health through simple and efficient modifications, in the easiest manner possible

What They're Saying...

"Since having my baby I have been utterly exhausted. I had been struggling to lose my last 10kg of baby weight but at the same time, couldn't stop eating foods that I knew weren't right for me. Amanda helped me to understand what I should be eating and showed me how I could incorporate this all into my life with minimal effort. Having our consult in my kitchen made a world of difference as she was able to show me how to implement changes right then and there. Her down-to-earth attitude is so refreshing!" - Hannah S.