Why I Never Miss a Monday

Mondays… even hearing that word can bring on a yawn. But what if I gave you some tips on how to use Monday to your advantage, and even make it the best day of your week? Read on to find out why I never miss a Monday.  


1.        Use it as a day of setting intentions

Life can be very overwhelming. There are always so many thoughts and concerns about responsibilities, upcoming deadlines and unfinished tasks flooding our minds. I like to think of my goals as school projects, imagining each week to be a small task of the assignment. Rather than trying to comprehend an entire complex ‘project’ as a whole, I set myself small challenges each week that once achieved, will help me towards my ultimate aims. Therefore, Mondays are always my time to set my intentions for the week ahead, to ensure that week will be used effectively towards reaching my goal. Setting aside the time to go through that mental process of evaluating the previous week and setting intentions for the upcoming one can really be the difference between achieving our goals and not.


2.        Give yourself a purpose

These days, it is so easy to fall into ‘the daily grind’, where our bodies take us through the motions of life, but our minds are always elsewhere (and sometimes even absent altogether). Starting your week by doing something for yourself, will give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and a purpose for the rest of the week.


3.        Eliminate excuses

 How many times have you told yourself that you’ll do something tomorrow, and then suddenly, 6 months later, you still haven’t done it? Committing yourself to a particular routine each Monday morning automatically eliminates a myriad of excuses that you could have made had you not literally forced yourself to do it. A lot of people have a mindset where if they miss an exercise class, or eat unhealthily early on in the week, they justify continuing those bad habits for the rest of the week. Begin each Monday on the right foot, and you will prevent this downward spiral from ever occurring.


4.        Reset your body

I personally refrain from attending exercise classes on Mondays because I like to customise my session depending on my energy levels. If I am still feeling the pain from a big weekend of eating and drinking, I may just go for a shorter, slower walk. If I am feeling emotionally drained and need some down time, I may walk to the nearest park (or simply sit in my garden) and meditate for 20 minutes rather than doing anything too strenuous. And on the days that I jump out of bed, I push myself by going for a power walk, adding in some resistance exercises at the end. Whatever the case, I find that forcing myself out of bed on a Monday morning and spending some time in nature is the best way to recover and reset my body from the weekend and get straight back into routine for an effective week ahead.