The Kitchen Cleanse

The Kitchen Cleanse offers a bespoke service designed to bring approachable, personalised and sustainable and nutrition into your household!

As a clinical nutritionist, I focus on holistic well-being. This means that within all consultations, programs and packages, I consider every aspect of my clients’ health, including:

  • Examining overall health status and current health concerns 
  • Addressing any pre-existing or predisposed health conditions and/or nutritional deficiencies
  • Assessing family health history as well as personal health history
  • Focusing on diet and lifestyle and how this impacts on health as a whole


My clients receive detailed support towards living a healthier lifestyle, consisting of:

  • Well-rounded nutritional advice specific to their health goals and concerns 
  • Education on how to read nutrition labels, how to prepare and cook meals in the most efficient, healthiest and economical way, and how to seamlessly incorporate sustainable healthy living into their lifestyle
  • Individualised, varied and nutrient-rich meal plans/ideas
  • Guidance on regulating sleeping patterns and daily routines
  • Assistance in removing unwanted stresses and implementing coping mechanisms
  • Introduction of positive, long-lasting lifestyle changes to suit individual needs