My Story

Hi my name is Amanda Dinte! I am a qualified Sydney-based nutritionist (BHSc) who is absolutely passionate about food. Throughout my life, I have experienced being overweight, overly restrictive with my eating, plus everything in between. As a result, I am all too familiar with the many negative effects of eating the wrong types of food as well as harbouring the wrong attitudes towards food. But more importantly, I have since come to realise the incredible effects of eating the right types of food, with a positive mind-set. Food is so much more than just calories and there are wonderful ways its nutritional value can shape our health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. It is my dream to inspire everyday Australians to wake up every morning full of vitality, eat nutritious diets, engage in regular physical activity and live a life they love.

I Practise by Educating and Empowering

Over the years, I have seen how easy it is to become obsessed and overwhelmed by what we hear in the media regarding food and nutrition. And, with new super foods, fad diets and marketing gimmicks being introduced each week, it’s impossible to keep up with what we should and shouldn’t be eating. My passion is to empower individuals struggling with their nutrition, educate them on how to choose the right foods for their bodies and support them to feel confident in the decisions they make surrounding their food choices. It is my goal as a practitioner to eradicate all confusion for my clients by bringing back the basics of nutrition, using everyday fresh, seasonal produce and pantry ingredients.  

It’s Not a Diet, it’s a Lifestyle Choice!

My philosophy is based on achievable and sustainable nutrition. I have a fuss-free attitude when it comes to healthy eating and promote quick and simple cooking - I am a huge advocate of encouraging small, efficient changes which eventually become lifelong healthy habits.

While I focus heavily on nutritional changes, I also believe strongly in instilling a healthy mindset and take a very holistic approach when working with my clients. I place a strong emphasis on helping my clients to develop strategies so that they can better cope with their day-to-day stress as well as re-establish a sense of balance in their lives.